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Will Power in Tanzania

This summer was an amazing one for me.  Two weeks ago I was in South Africa on a 12 day tour sponsored by the State Department (more on that later), but the early part of the season found me in Tanzania.  I traveled there with the International Theatre & Literacy project-and for almost three weeks I worked with an inspiring group of secondary School students, helping them to create an original theatre piece that would then be shown at their school and for the entire village.  During my free time, I found myself freestyling with MCs from the Mera and Masai tribes, cutting tracks in a studio owned by old School black Panthers that now live and operate in Africa, and enjoying many late night conversations with  theatre artists and East African travelers. dscn1452 Initially, I was thinking about posting all the pictures from my trip.  I eventually decided, however, to post only one  A day before the first show,  the students took me and my co-teacher Sarah Beaver on a walk though the village that surrounds their school.  They showed us a church, a cemetary, as well as many plantations growing things like bananas and red beans.  To them it was second nature, but for me being from the city, it was wonderfully strange and new.  I wanted to show this picture because it is my belief that when you teach , you almost always learn just as much. Many thanks to  my folks in Tanzania