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WBUR-Boston: Malcolm X’s Powerful Origin Story Surges To Life In ‘Detroit Red’ At Arts Emerson

The Boston Globe : A Young Malcom X, Searching For His Identity in Boston

Arts Fuse : Theater Review: “Detroit Red”-Life in Boston, At the Bottom

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Joyce’s Choices: Review- Detroit Red

The Suffolk Journal: ‘Detroit Red” Brilliantly Showcases Malcolm X’s Humble Beginnings And Local Roots

WBQT-FM Voices: Playwright Will Power

The Boston Globe: When Malcolm X was Malcolm Little, and Roxbury was Home


The San Diego Union-Tribune : In La Jolla Playhouse’s ‘Seize the King,’ Will Power puts his Lyrical Spin on Shakespeare’s ‘Richard III’

San Diego City Beat :Richard III as King of the Streets

Broadway World : Seize the King at La Jolla

San Diego Reader: Self-Absorbed Black Hole of a Tyrant


The New York Times : Recalling a Poet’s Vigil for a Life-Extending Gift

The Village Voice : Off the Grid, Blessing the Boats/Under the Radar Review

The Last Magazine : Blessing the Boats/Under the Radar Festival 2014


The Los Angeles Times : Review: Steel Hammer Bangs out a Spectacularly Inventive Social Message at UCLA’s Royce Hall

The New York Times : Various Works at 38th Annual Humana Festival

Broadway : BWW Reviews:STEEL HAMMER Brings Legendary SITI Company Back to Humana Festival : SITI Returns to Humana with Memorable John Henry


Time Out New York : Fetch Clay, Make Man Review

Broadway : Fetch Clay, Make Man Unmasks Two Racial Icons

The New York Daily News : Fetch Clay, Make Man Theatre Review

The New York Post : Ali Drama ‘Fetch Clay’ Packs Punch

The Hollywood Reporter: Fetch Clay, Make Man: Theater Review

The New York Times : One Boxed himself In, One Boxed His Way Out

Huffington Post : Fetch Clay, Make Man Review : Fetch Clay, Make Man-Review : Will Power and the Untold Ali Story

The San Francisco Chronicle : ‘Fetch Clay, Make Man’: Riveting Racial Insight

The San Francisco Examiner : ‘Fetch Clay, Make Man’Delivers with a Knockout Punch

TheatreStorm : Review: ‘Fetch Clay, Make Man’

Pacific Sun : Theater: Come Out Swinging

The Star-Ledger : ‘Fetch Clay, Make Man is season’s best-acted play

The New York Times : The Slugger and the Punching Bag

Back Stage : Fetch Clay, Make Man

Toronto Star : Ouzounian: Might be a Knockout

Pennington Post : Fetch Friends, Make Haste, and see McCarter’s ‘Fetch Clay, Make Man’


VARIETY : Five Fingers of Funk (Review)

Minneapolis Star-Tribune : Giving it up for ‘Five Fingers of Funk’


American Theatre : Hip-Hop Visions of an Ancient World

The New York Times : Riffing and Scratching, And Remixing Aeschylus

The Village Voice : Hip Hoplites: Remixing Aeschylus, The Seven Spills Classic Tragedy Onto Today’s Mean Streets

The New York Times : Taking Aeschylus Hip-Hop, Into Modern Urban Streets

American Theatre : A Tribe Called Will Power

The Village Voice : Classic at Generation Gap

Time Out New York : Reviews: The Seven

SF Weekly : Balance of Power, A Hip Hop Adaptation of Aeschylus Takes A Surprisingly Light Touch

San Jose Mercury News : Tragedy of ‘Seven’ Transcends Years

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The Commercial Appeal, Fanfare : Hip-Hop Theater

The New York Times : Hip-Hop and Musicals: Made for Each Other

American Theater Web : Will Power’s Flow: Deft, Powerful, Musical Storytelling

Newsday : Power-ful Performance

The New York Times : Spinning Storytelling Yarn for a New Generation

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One World : Power Surge

The San Francisco Chronicle : This is the Theater of Our Time

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Variety : Review: Flow

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Africana : Will Power: Gathering Black Men’s Stories

The Guardian : Review: The Gathering

Evening Standard : The Rhythm King

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St. Petersburg Times : A ‘Gathering’ Of Talent

The Source : Review: The Gathering

The Indianapolis Star : 1-Man Show Keeps a Versatile Star’s Talent Hip-Hopping

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