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Will Power on The Colbert Report

Here’s my appearance on The Colbert Report for my play The Seven.  Steven Colbert  was great to connect with on and off  camera. First thing when I arrived at the studio, he introduced himself and said “now you know I”m going to throw a lot of ignorance at you…”  I of course, like most folks I know are big fans, so I was hip (to a certain extent) to what was coming.  So I said to him “bring it on man,” to which he said, “yes, I will, I will bring on the ignorance.”  Still, though I’d seen the show many times before, and though I knew that he was doing an O’Reilly impression and is not actually O’Reilly, his job is still to make you look somewhat like a fool!  He did that as well, but I got in a few good ones I think.  Check the episode out and tell me what you think!

Will Power

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Will Power
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