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Hey people- I’m co-leading a weekend getaway FOR MEN with my amazing friend & colleague John Badalament this coming January 11-13 in the beautiful Santa Cruz hills near SF at a brand new, affordable and beautiful retreat center 1440 Multiversity (there are 1440 minutes in a day)
• Set aside uninterrupted time, Friday 6pm — Sunday 12pm to eat great food, relax, and reenergize.
•. Exploring meaningful questions about your life at this point: What’s working and what you want to change as a dad, husband/partner, and man? How do you become your life’s storyteller, and re-imagine the story of your life?
• Make this a solo mini-vacation with real-world learning you can bring back home OR bring someone along to do a workshop with artists like author
Elizabeth Gilbert or singer Alanis Morissette, chill, hike, eat fresh food and use the spa.
Pease check out the amazing weekend John and I have put together at 1440 Multiversity and either sign up right away, think about it and then sign up, and SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE YOU THINK WOULD LIKE THIS.